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Sustainable lifestyle influencer, marketer, and conscious brand coach.

I'm Tara Nolan

I help conscious brands & individuals create positive change & meaningful impact in the world.


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But once the lights turned on for me, I was all in. After getting laid off from my “dream job”, I was in shock & left with a pretty bruised ego. But almost immediately, I transformed the way I was living my life. I thought a lot about the changes I wanted to see in the world, & built a conscious business from the ground up. I stopped feeling out of control & started to be in control – to work towards the future I wanted for myself, and for our world. 

 My passion is to help individuals & conscious brands grow as they create the change they want to see in the world - co-navigating their pathway to success, and coaching them on how to scale responsibly. 

With an International MBA and over a decade in the global media & advertising business working alongside iconic brands, I want to do my part to help you do yours.  

 Let’s get to it!

I went from clueless to conscious

About the founder

Living your values often requires change, & that can be hard work. Creating & growing an aspirational business to make the world a better place? Even harder. 

 Working with me, you get an entrepreneurial mentality, high-level, innovative thinking, & executive level global leadership ready to guide you on your path to evolution & success. 

I have over a decade of global experience growing the bottom line & reputation of the largest media & advertising companies worldwide, servicing the world's most renowned & beloved global brands.

people. planet. profit.

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i have my mba + am a ceritifed yoga teacher!

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The Talking Heads 

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Music, Sunshine, & Yoga 

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The Mediterranean Sea

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I guide soulpreneurs & sustainable brands on how to build good equity, scale their business, & thrive in today's  connected world.

Tap into your gifts, unlock your purpose, & ignite your growth. 

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