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Cannes Lions 2021: Conscious Marketing and Sustainable Development Goals

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If you’re not familiar with the phrase “conscious consumerism”,  I’m here to break it all down for you. The world we live in today is becoming increasingly transparent; technology has democratized the many ways in which we do business and communicate. As a conscious consumer, this is pretty big, since never before have we had […]

How to Embrace Conscious Consumerism in Fashion

Raisethegreenbar Hearst Sustainability

#RaiseTheGreenBar Sustainability Summit at the Hearst Tower in New York City This year I had the honor to design and lead a panel about one of my most favorite subjects in the world, you guessed it: sustainable travel! It was one of those WOW moments – three years ago I joined this event as an audience […]

#RaiseTheGreenBar Sustainability Summit

where to stay in Puerto Rico

A zero waste self-care solution for women that is ideal for travel, and so much more. It’s amazing how innovative we can be when we let passion drive what we do. As I explore more zero waste, ‘green’ products and initiatives in my aim to be a conscious citizen, I can’t say how happy I […]

Can Your Period Save The World?

If you’re like me and most humans, you probably like to sip or cook with wine every so often – ok frequently ???? BUT have you ever considered what happens after you finish the bottle? Your wine has the potential to do much more than you think. Meet Proud Pour. I first met Brian and […]

The Ultimate Organic and Vegan Wine: Sustainable and Responsible by Nature

Calling all brand marketers in the tourism industry! I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be co-hosting a webinar this Thursday, December 21st at 2pm EST in partnership with Mandala Research and Destination Better all about how you can better your marketing efforts in the Sustainable Tourism sector! Who is this for? Hotels, attractions, convention and […]

Attracting the Socially, Environmentally and Culturally Conscious Traveler


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